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I am creating online material for understanding and working with the primary meridians on your own. You will have access to all content as I create it and can go at your own pace.

Practices for working with breath

Many others have created great material accesible online. Some of my favorites for learning taichi and qigong include Yoqi, Ling Gui, Qigong Awarewness, Long White Cloud Qigong and a Cincinnati practitioner.

Fertility, Pregnancy Discomfort & Delivery Preparation

Scientific research supports the efficacy of acupuncture in supporting fertility while an increasing number of fertility clinics recommend Arvigo Abdominal Therapy. I also created an Amazon Products list that includes many of my favorite resources and supplements for fertility and pregnancy support.

Fertility/Reproductive issues I work with frequently:

PCOS ~ Anovulation ~ Endometriosis ~ Painful Ovulation ~ Frequent Miscarriage ~ Cystic Breasts ~ Fibroids ~ IVF/IUI

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Blog article on LED therapy to improve fertility

I also work with individuals throughout their pregnancy. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine each month of pregnancy corresponds with a different meridian system and we focus on keeping those balanced throughout the pregnancy. The most important thing to understand is that we cannot be as “aggressive” in our appointments with pregnant women so frequent appointments become more important. Common pregnancy complaints I work with:

Nausea ~ Pubic Symphyses Pain ~ Hip Pain ~ Insomnia ~ Low Energy ~ Anxiety ~ Heartburn ~ Fetal Malposition (starting at week 34) ~ Labor Preparation (weekly starting at week 37)

Cosmetic Acupuncture

A natural way to help fine lines, wrinkles, acne, scars, and sagging skin that works with the overall health of the body rather than against it.

Amazon Favorites

Yes, I love supporting small & local businesses. AND I recognize that clients are more likely to follow through with my suggestions if it’s convenient and they can pay shipping and handling fees just once (or even have them waived). In honor of that I have compiled a list of some of my favorite products to recommend and purchase myself. * As an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Latest from the Blog

Oysters, Oyster Shells, and Pearls: Beauty, Anti-aging, and Fertility

When I think of oysters my next thought is of the painting the Birth of Venus by Botticelli. A beautiful young nude woman……standing on a scallop shell. Venus, the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. The oyster was similarly honored throughout Asia with its various components; the shell, the meat, and the pearl being valued…

What does it mean for Autumn to be in the Metal Phase?

With the Fall Equinox we welcome Autumn Season. We start to observe in our environment a slowing down of growth. This season reflects the conclusion of the seeds we have sown, both figuratively as well as in the material world. We will spend the next months harvesting and preserving flora and fauna in preparation for…

Insights on Late Summer according to Traditional Chinese Medicine

The yin-yang symbol shows us that an abundance of yin gradually turns into yang until there is an abundance of yang. Then the yang in excess starts to turn into yin and the cycle continues. We are now leaving summer, a time of exuberance and outward flowing energy. Summer is when many of us are…

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I often feel after a session that I’ve gotten all the gunk out, my body and mind feel clean and pure and I can take on anything.  Like superwoman!