The 5 Branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine


Working with the electromagnetic frequency of the body using metal tools and known points to modulate under- or overactive areas. Many people think of acupuncture as working with the nerves. While it certainly has an impact on the nervous system it is not my impression that acupuncture works through stimulating nerves. Rather, it activates an overarching system; the electromagnetic system, which influences so many of the body’s systems. Through feeling the pulse and other diagnostic tools the acupuncturist can feel where imbalances are in the body and what type of imbalance it is. By understanding how points on the channels influence the entire system as well as how they relate to each other the acupuncturist is able to impact the movement of energy in the system and thus also the pulse.

Many studies have been completed trying to understand how acupuncture works and what exactly it does. In this way it has been shown that acupuncture impacts inflammatory factors in our bodies, resulting in an overall reduction in inflammation.


Working with energy and movement to promote circulation of blood, lymph, and our body’s innate electromagnetism. I offer this through CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY, NEAR INFRARED & RED LIGHT THERAPY. I have observed these modalities in combination with acupuncture to have profound impacts with pain, healing, and supporting the body’s natural detoxification methods.


Manual manipulation of body tissue. I incorporate elements of MAYA ABDOMINAL THERAPY, CUPPING, AND GUA SHA. I offer links below explaining more about these traditional methods of relieving stagnation and promoting flow in the body.



Food CAN be used as medicine. Many traditions and schools explore the impact of diet and nutrition on our health. Weston A Price is well known for his studies of indigenous communities around the world, the types of food they ate, and how that influenced their skeletal structure. We benefit from different foods depending on our body types, the amount of environmental toxins we are exposed to, and our level of health. Thanks to modern agricultural practices our food often does not contain the level of vitamins and minerals that it would have in the past. Additionally we are exposed to compounds such as glyphosates, which are gaining attention for their negative impacts on our digestive and therefore the rest of our body’s health. For these reasons many people who eat “healthy” still benefit from supplements to bridge the gap, as well as ways to safely and gently remove substances such as glyphosates. I have a list of some of my favorite supplements here.

Favorite Product Spotlight: Vibrant Blue Oils

Liver Blend

“Designed to strengthen, balance, and energize the liver.”

I bought this blend because approximately half of my clients have a “liver” or “stress” pulse and I wanted to see if this blend would help correct that. I have been really impressed with the results. Taking a closer look at the ingredients: German Chamomile, Balsam of Peru, Ylang Ylang, and Lavender all calm stress and anxiety. Caraway seed supports the lymphatics and Peppermint helps to balance digestion, which takes a hit when we are stressed. I like to swipe this oil from lower ribcage to lower ribcage and let it work on relaxing the congestion and tension that tends to happen in that area. I love this brand for their mission to carry organic and wild crafted oils and working directly with small farmers.

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What is Near Infrared, Red, and Blue Light Therapy?

  • Photobiomodulation therapy uses light frequencies that have been demonstrated to relieve pain, promote healing, increase fertility, and reduce wrinkles by stimulating ATP production, reducing pro-inflammatory factors, increase stem cell production, and increase microcirculation. Read more about how it works here.

Fertility & Reproductive Health

Scientific research supports the efficacy of acupuncture in supporting fertility while an increasing number of fertility clinics recommend Arvigo Abdominal Therapy. You will also find my Pre-IUI/IVF fertility checklist under “Read More”.

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Blog article on LED therapy to improve fertility

Arvigo Abdominal Therapy

A gentle manual therapy that supports visceral health and reproductive and digestive function

The Energetics of Beauty

Learn about Facial Reflexology and Celluma LED Light Therapy

Craniosacral Explained

Craniosacral Therapy was created by an Osteopath. It is a very light & gentle technique that involves the practitioner working with very subtle rhythms of the body. It is a tool to support healthy circulation of the craniosacral fluid as well as helping to release fascial adhesions anywhere in the body.

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Photobiomodulation For Pain

As any of my long term clients will tell you, I am constantly learning new techniques. One of my most recent new “toys” is a Celluma FDA approved LED device. I just completed a training on working with Photobiomodulation devices, the current term being used in research with Low Level Laser Therapy or Light EmittingContinue reading “Photobiomodulation For Pain”

Can LED Light Therapy Help Increase Fertility?

LED Light Therapy has become popular for its effectiveness in treating acne, boosting collagen production & reducing wrinkles, as well as treating a variety of types of pain. It is believed that it does this by Enhancing mitochondrial activity & ATP production Increasing circulation Regulating inflammation According to CNY Fertility light-emitting diodes can improve fertilityContinue reading “Can LED Light Therapy Help Increase Fertility?”

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I often feel after a session that I’ve gotten all the gunk out, my body and mind feel clean and pure and I can take on anything.  Like superwoman!

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