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On demand videos to learn the meridians, functions, and practices to awaken your body’s energetic pathways at home.

Practices for working with breath

Fertility, Pregnancy Discomfort & Delivery Preparation

Scientific research supports the efficacy of acupuncture in supporting fertility while an increasing number of fertility clinics recommend Arvigo Abdominal Therapy. You will also find my Pre-IUI/IVF fertility checklist under “Read More”.

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Blog article on LED therapy to improve fertility

Cosmetic Acupuncture

A natural way to help fine lines, wrinkles, acne, scars, and sagging skin that works with the overall health of the body rather than against it.

Clean Living

Cleaning up our environment of pollutants and low quality food and supplements can be a crucial part of optimizing health. I’ve provided a least of some of my favorite quality supplement brands, as well as other products I have incorporated into my lifestyle such as water filters and clean beauty.

Latest from the Blog

Photobiomodulation For Pain

As any of my long term clients will tell you, I am constantly learning new techniques. One of my most recent new “toys” is a Celluma FDA approved LED device. I just completed a training on working with Photobiomodulation devices, the current term being used in research with Low Level Laser Therapy or Light EmittingContinue reading “Photobiomodulation For Pain”

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I often feel after a session that I’ve gotten all the gunk out, my body and mind feel clean and pure and I can take on anything.  Like superwoman!