Amanda Wellman, L.Ac. will now be in Fort Thomas, Kentucky on Fridays.

Summer hours are:

  • Monday 2-8:30pm (College Hill)
  • Wednesday 2-8:30 (College Hill)
  • Thursday 12-7 (Walnut Hills)
  • Friday 11-5:30 (Fort Thomas)
  • Saturday 9-4 (College Hill)

At the end of April I will have a raffle for a FREE 80 minute session. TO BE ELIGIBLE: Throughout the month of April leave a positive review in a permanent location (IG stories do not count). Examples include recommending Amanda Wellman/Wellman Acupuncture in facebook groups, our Google business listing, Facebook business listing, etc. Take a screenshot of the published review/post and send to amanda@wellmanacupuncture.com

Acupuncture & Traditional East Asian Medicine

Fertility & Reproductive Health

Scientific research supports the efficacy of acupuncture in supporting fertility while an increasing number of fertility clinics recommend Arvigo Abdominal Therapy.

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Arvigo Abdominal Therapy

A gentle manual therapy that supports visceral health and reproductive and digestive function

Facial Reflexology

A Non-needle, very relaxing offering that can treat your whole body just by working on your face.

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What People Say

I often feel after a session that I’ve gotten all the gunk out, my body and mind feel clean and pure and I can take on anything.  Like superwoman!

If you are interested in hosting an information session or pop-up community style acupuncture event that might feature protocols such as stress relief or ear acupuncture, reach out to me at amanda@wellmanacupuncture.com


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