Microcurrent Therapy

Microcurrent Therapy is very minute electrical stimulation similar and compatible with our own electrical system, our nervous system. It is so similar and compatible that it appears to mimic our own electrical impulses which are involved in all the activities of the cell.

Microcurrent is often referred to as bio-electric medicine which is the effect that electricity has on living tissue and how electricity is produced by the body. Scientific research as well as practitioner use in clinical practice both support that microcurrent has a healing affect on tissue and that microcurrent accelerates repair of tendons, ligaments, bone fracture and wounds such as diabetic ulcers.
Modern science recognizes that the body is electrically wired with circuitry flowing through discreet pathways from the tips of our toes to our head and back again. These currents are measurable and our health depends upon the ability of current to flow freely through our body. The process of healing begins on a cellular level. A microcurrent treatment allows the cells to regain their natural energy flow restoring health and wellness.

When we are injured, there is a disruption in the production and flow of electricity to the injured area. This situation is called electrical resistance.
Microcurrent application to an injured site augments current flow. It introduces mild, healing current into the cells in order to return the tissue to a normal, healthy level of electrical activity. Tissue resistance is reduced as these healing currents enter the area restoring homeostasis. As the chemical reactions begin to build, the body’s response to treatment gets stronger. Delivering very minute amounts of electrical current facilitates the movement of ions in tissue.

The more frequently and close together the treatments are given at fi rst, the sooner the tissue will achieve its ability to hold its charge. To reverse damage and promote healing, a series of treatments are spread over days, weeks or months. For a chronic condition, results cannot happen immediately as the body has been attempting self-repair for a long time.
With cumulative treatments, the electrical “charge” on the tissue begins to hold as these gentle currents bring fresh blood and oxygen to the local tissue creating an ideal environment for healing.

Microcurrrent is painless, non-invasion, relaxing, and effective. Professional athletes such as Joe Montana and Olympians such as Mary Decker have said that microcurrent salvaged their careers and refer to microcurrent as a miracle. But, it is the body that performs miracles. A microcurrent treatment simply provides our body with more protein and nutrients so that our cells can more efficiently function.

From Microcurrent Therapy Training’s handbook on facial rejuvenation