Dietary Supplements

Evergreen Herbs

The practices of Evergreen Herbs include following standards of current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) established by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and World Health Organization (WHO).

Efforts put forth by their team of experts in chemistry, microbiology, and Chinese medicine result in a Certificate of Analysis (COA), which guarantees that the highest quality product that is safe and effective.

Traditional East Asian Medicine Formulations have a complex structure of components based on balancing a differential diagnosis (according to the system of Traditional East Asian Medicine), herbs to guide the formula to the desired part of the body, and herbs to support the balanced cohesion of the formula as well as the body’s ability to assimilate it. This means that formulas can be created to be very specific to the person rather than a general disease based protocol.

Evergreen Herbs provides information on the ingredients of each of its formulas analyzing their properties from the perspectives of both Traditional East Asian Medicine as well as modern day Pharmacology.

Standard Process

“From our inception, Dr. Royal Lee recognized the negative impact the Standard American Diet had on overall health. He believed that processed foods depleted our food sources of the rich nutrition once found in them. He understood that good health comes from good nutrition, and the best nutrition comes from whole foods. Dr. Lee dedicated his life to perfecting the production of whole food-based supplements from the soil used to grow crops to the manufacturing processes used to create the supplement – Standard Process has always focused on putting vitality into every bottle.”

Standard Process has been widely accepted by nutritional providers as a whole food based way to correct imbalances in the body. The ingredients are primarily food based; plant and animal products. In spite of this, I do occasionally have clients telling me their doctor instructed them not to take these supplements because, “It’s not clear what the ingredients are.” Since I hope most doctors know what magnesium citrate and buckwheat are, my only guess is that they are referring to the organ PMG products.

Information that Standard Process provides on their animal tissue ingredients:

The glands that we process here are from USDA inspected facilities.  Although we have purchased glands from New Zealand in the past, which are inspected by their Ministry of Primary Industries.  We also purchase some already desiccated glands from the US and Argentina.  The reason we cannot claim grass-fed or organic, is because there are not enough head of cattle in the United States that are grass-fed or organic to provide the quantities of glands we need a year to produce our supplements.  We would love to move to all grass-fed and organic, it is just not possible at this time.

We do not test for the naturally occurring hormones in the glands, nor process to remove them. Only the thyroid pmg is processed to substantially remove its thyroxine.  The glands/tissues that we purchase are antibiotic free.  Our auditors do visit and audit the slaughter houses when they are able

We have a very robust quality control process for ensuring the purity of our products and we perform pathogen testing on every product batch

Where do the bovine organs used in Standard Process supplements come from?

We purchase animal tissues and glands that are inspected by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and state departments of agriculture.

What is a PMG?

PMG stands for “ProtomorphogenTM” extract?
“ProtomorphogenTM” is the trademark used by Standard Process as a brand name assigned to uniquely derived extracts used in some Standard Process formulas.

ProtomorphogenTM extracts, referred to in product ingredients as “PMGTM,” are exclusive to Standard Process products. A ProtomorphogenTM extract is specific material extracted from animal glands and organs through a complex, multistep process to retain what Standard Process founder Dr. Royal Lee termed “cell determinants.”

In 1947, Dr. Lee defined cell determinants as the smallest functional unit of the chromosome, saying that they are the components that direct, maintain, and regulate cell functions (such as those related to protein, genetic material, and compounds
like minerals).*

Current laboratory methods have confirmed that these proprietary extracts contain peptides (short chains of amino acids), nucleotides (the components of nucleic acids like RNA and DNA), and minerals.

Why are these extracts used in supplements?

Dr. Lee created nutrition products that incorporated ideal sources of nutrients from
both vegetables and animals. We start with glands and organs because they are inherently different from skeletal muscle. Organ meats have more DNA per gram than skeletal muscle, different protein profiles, and different starting concentrations of vitamins and minerals. To optimize the benefits of these ingredients sourced from animal tissues,
Dr. Lee created ProtomorphogenTM extracts.*

Feedback from health care professionals suggests that these extracts support patient health.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Why are ProtomorphogenTM extracts so important?

These extracts come from the nucleus of animal gland or organ cells. Dr. Lee believed these extracts act as a cell blueprint for corresponding human cells. He also believed that animal extracts support cellular health at the level of the nucleus and provide targeted benefits for cellular function. In an unbalanced system, he believed, gland and organ extracts activate a renewed function of the normal gland.*

ProtomorphogenTM extracts promote healing over time and can be useful for people with chronic health issues.*

The use of ProtomorphogenTM extracts can also aid in maintaining normal cellular metabolism and cell cycling. This is an important feature that should not be overlooked and is perhaps one of the most important aspects for using ProtomorphogenTM extracts in the clinical setting.*

Of equal importance, it is essential to consistently provide proper nutritional synergists for cellular support. This will improve the efficacy of the clinical application of ProtomorphogenTM extracts.*

Current lab and clinical investigations into the structure and function of Standard Process animal tissue extracts are ongoing. However, anecdotal evidence collected over many years suggests that these products can provide profound support for the overall health of the body