Fertility Support

Traditional East Asian Medicine focuses on the health and well-being of a woman as a means of ensuring a healthy pregnancy and child. The health of a pregnancy starts many months before conception. I apply the principles and techniques of this medicine to help prepare a woman for the best possible outcome.

I offer fertility support based off of my experience working with women. It combines both my experience with Acupuncture, Traditional East Asian Herbal formulas, and my training in the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy. The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy are non-needle techniques which focus on healthy lymphatic and blood flow as well as structural alignment of the pelvic cavity. This encourages the optimal flow of nutrients to the cells of reproductive tissue. I apply my knowledge of Traditional East Asian Medicine to these techniques and combine them with Tuina, a type of bodywork that involves rocking to loosen blockages, as well as acupressure and manual manipulation of the meridians. For those who are needle sensitive, this technique alone with regularity can make dramatic impacts on a woman’s cycle and fertility. Please contact me to set up your Arvigo Abdominal Therapy Session if that sounds right for you.

For those who are ready to try (or even Love!) Acupuncture:

There is extensive literature both historically and present day discussing the benefits of acupuncture in preparing a woman for pregnancy, supporting healthy hormone levels in the critical first 8 weeks of pregnancy, relieving discomforts such as morning sickness and low back pain, preparing a woman and her body for labor, and the often overlooked post-natal period. One contributing factor to the effectiveness of this medicine is that it is not only looking at the physical body, but also sees the relationship to and impact of the emotional, spiritual, and community in all aspects of a healthy pregnancy and 4th trimester.

Things to consider when trying to get pregnant:

If there is precedence of challenges, it takes approximately 90 days to significantly shift the physiology of a person. This has to do with the lifespan of cells. Be prepared to set aside three months of not trying to conceive so that your therapists can work on your physiology throughout your cycle rather than just the first two weeks.

If you will be going through IUI or IVF it is beneficial to start receiving acupuncture weeks before the procedure as people can be nervous their first time, somewhat countering its ability to induce relaxation. It’s also beneficial for your therapist to know what your ‘normal’ is before you start this life-altering path.

While Arvigo Therapy is very focused on the health of the pelvic region, Acupuncture and Traditional East Asian Herbal Formulas can address whole body imbalances that impact fertility. By combining both modalities, we are able to get quicker results with fewer sessions.

Expect to sign up for a minimum of 3 sessions. As a natural fertility support, it is very common for it to take a minimum of three months to regulate the menstrual cycle and increase egg quality. Plenty of women receive regular sessions for a year before reaching their goal.

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Settling isn’t as much fun as going for it. So why not go for it?

Mama Gena