Favorite Products

Here is a list of some of my favorite products to use. Some of these are affiliate links and I may receive compensation for products that you purchase. Thank you for supporting my small business!

Creating Balanced Health Scans
BIOENERGETIC TESTING uses hair and saliva analysis to identify stressed systems; food sensitivities, nutritional imbalances, resonating toxins & pathogens, and hormonal imbalances. It also checks for RESONATING BALANCING REMEDIES which include herbs and homeopathic remedies. I work with Creating Balanced Health for this testing. You can use the affiliate code PAUSELISTEN for $20 off any test, and PAUSELISTEN5 for $5 off a remedy order.

Perfect Supplements
I order Desiccated Liver for bioavailable B vitamins and Acerola powder that can be added to juice for whole food vitamin C. I also buy their bone broth powder, gelatin (for making homemade gummies), and Collagen. They also carry magnesium oil and flakes for baths. This company provides organic and glyphosate free products.

Use code krAPcMvR

Cellcore offers a gentle parasite cleanse, a foundational kit if you are just getting started. When you are doing cleanses it is important to be sure your lymph is moving and your Gallbladder and Liver are working optimally. For this they offer a lymph support supplement and Tudca for Gallbladder support. My favorite products of theirs are their Binders which help usher out toxins in our bodies without taking the nutrients too. I take their BioToxin Binder anytime I feel like I am getting the flu, allergies, food poisoning…They also have binders that focus more on heavy metals, viruses, chemicals, and radiation.

Mitolife is both educational and offers high quality products, usually of a higher concentration than the equivalent that you will find at a store. You can get Vitamins E, C, and K from them as well as Shilajit, Systemic Enzymes, and Oyster extract (a must have for anyone trying to balance hormones, and get pregnant, both male and female)

Vibrant Blue Oils
This is an essential oil company that provides organic oils and works with “small, independently-owned, organic farms, working directly with the small villages and farmers to insure the integrity and quality of the product.” I am just getting started with their products, in particular their Parasympathetic, Hormone Balance, Lymph, and Histamine Balance. They offer blends to target specific systems you need support with.

Biofulvic Minerals
Essential bioavailable trace minerals. I take these daily.