Favorite Products

Opening Drainage Pathways and Detoxing

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Cellcore offers a foundational kit if you are just getting started. When you are doing cleanses it is important to be sure your lymph is moving and your Gallbladder and Liver are working optimally. For this they offer a lymph support supplement and Tudca for Gallbladder and Liver support. Having tried many Liver support products over the years, Tudca got things moving like nothing else I had tried. Many of us need extra Liver and Gallbladder support due to the amount of toxins we are regularly exposed to. I also really love their Binders which help usher out toxins in our bodies without taking the nutrients too. I started with their weakest Binder: Biotoxin. When I’d completed that bottle I started the next strongest one: ViRadChem. In these method I will take their HM-ET and Carboxy as a way to gradually reduce the load of mold, mycotoxins, fungus, candida, parasite biotoxins, lyme, pathogenic bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, chemicals, emfs, and pesticides in my body. Detoxing uses up a lot of trace minerals so I also supplement with their CT Minerals so that my body’s mineral needs are met.

Trace Minerals

Biofulvic Minerals

I rotate through different brands for trace minerals but always supplement these daily. Our body uses a lot of minerals to function, but even more when detoxing or fighting off pathogens. Biofulvic is one of my favorite brands for this.

Shilajit is another source of trace minerals. Mitolife, Tonic Treasures, and Cultivate Elevate are good sources of shilajit.

Parasite Cleanse

Shen Blossom

Anyone dealing with a chronic condition might want to consider doing a parasite cleanse for a minimum of 100 days. I suggest taking Cellcore’s Tudca and a Binder for at least a month and making sure your lymph is moving (options: Cellcore has a lymph product, infrared saunas, massage and castor oil packs with vibrant blue oils lymph blend) before starting a parasite cleanse. Once you are ready, Shen Blossom’s Mountain Detox Para/Microbe Formula and Aka Hinoki are my favorite combination.

Food Based Nutritional Support

Ray Peat & Morley Robbins have very much influenced my understanding of vitamin, mineral, and hormone supplementation. Many vitamins and minerals need cofactors to be fully utilized in the body. Taking isolated sources of vitamins can often deplete other nutrients that are needed to utilize them. Plants and animals often provide a more complete nutrient profile and I tend to focus on them as a source for addressing certain deficiencies. In line with this I do not take ascorbic acid for Vitamin C but rather complete plant sources such as Amla and Cherry. Instead of isolated iron or zinc I take a desiccated Liver, Oyster, or Ant based supplement that contains balanced bioavailable forms of iron, zinc, and copper (necessary for the utilization of iron), as well as being a good source of B vitamins.

Some of my favorite companies for animal and plant based vitamins: Perfect Supplements, Ancestral Supplements, Heart and Soil, Crucial Four, Earthley, Mitolife, Organo, Dragon Herbs, Elix

Clean Living

Detoxing and providing our body with the nutrients that it needs is just one part of the equation. We also need to look at our environment and what there may be compromising our health. Here are of list of companies for products I use around the house and beauty:

Air Purifier: Air doctor, Hypo air

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter: Aquatru (It is important to add minerals back. I use Cellcore’s CT minerals)

Beauty Care

Facial Cupping Kit

The Whole Family: Mountain Rose Herbs

Makeup: Ilia, Nakedpoppy

Hair: Under Luna, Rahua, ManeMagic

Bath & Skincare: Marie Veronique, Kossma, Boreal Folk, Fancy Farm, Earthganics, Wonder Valley, Chasin’ Rabbit’s

Living Libations is an essential oil brand that I love.

Bioenergetic Testing

BIOENERGETIC TESTING uses hair and saliva analysis to identify stressed systems; food sensitivities, nutritional imbalances, resonating toxins & pathogens, and hormonal imbalances. It also checks for RESONATING BALANCING REMEDIES which include herbs and homeopathic remedies. I work with Creating Balanced Health for this testing. You can use the affiliate code PAUSELISTEN for $20 off any test, and PAUSELISTEN5 for $5 off a remedy order.