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Wellman Acupuncture is currently a 1 – person operation! Since Amanda is often either with a client or not in front of her schedule, scheduling is best done online or you can contact her through email at If you need to contact her about your appointment you can message 513-432-4976.

Wellman Acupuncture operates out of two locations in Ohio as well as one in Kentucky! Below you can book based on location.


If this is your first time working with Amanda select an Initial Acupuncture or Arvigo Abdominal Therapy 80 Minute session. You can also purchase a discounted package of multiple appointments.

For a Follow-up you may choose a 50 or 80 minute session. You will want to discuss with Amanda to assess based on your treatment goals which duration is best for you.

Additional Specialized Services:

Facial Reflexology duration and price is dependent on location

Fertility Support 80 minute Initial appointment

Pregnancy Support 40 minute appointment. Conditions: You have worked with Amanda pre-pregnancy OR you have had at least two sessions with her AND you have last seen her within 60 days.

Immune Support 60 minutes (acupuncture only specifically for immune support and will not address other conditions, can be booked as the Initial session)

Stress Relief 40 minutes (acupuncture only, does not include treating other conditions, can be booked as an Initial session)

15 Minute Free Phone Consultation

Smoking Cessation 1×80 minute, 2×50 minute, extra ear acupuncture appointments for 3 weeks

Book Online by Location

In COLLEGE HILL Amanda works out of College Hill Pilates and Physical Therapy at 6240 Hamilton Ave Ste 4, Cincinnati, OH 45224.  There is a parking lot at this location and you will want to follow the signs for College Hill Pilates and Physical Therapy. Amanda offers appointments here Monday & Wednesday 2-8:30pm, and Saturday 9-4pm.  You may also contact her to check for availability by email (

Amanda works out of a space in WALNUT HILLS that is home to The Cincinnati Birth Center and Ocotillo Herbals at 841 Lincoln Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio 45206 Thursdays 12pm-7pm. Please be aware that this is located in a restored house in a residential neighborhood and may be hard to find if you are coming for the first time after dusk. There is a sign on the front door identifying it as the home of The Cincinnati Birth Center.

While the amazingly talented Courtney Codina L.Ac. from Tierra Luna Acupuncture in FORT THOMAS, Kentucky is on maternity leave, Amanda will be stepping in and offering Traditional East Asian medicine, including Acupuncture on Fridays starting April 16th 11am-5:30pm. If you have not worked with Amanda Wellman L.Ac. before, you will need to set up an initial 80 minute session with her. The address is 18 N Ft Thomas Ave #301, Fort Thomas, KY 41075 and you will find us inside of Mint Yoga Studio. There is street parking in front as well as a parking lot behind the building.

Intake forms for new clients

If this is your first time as a client of Wellman Acupuncture you may prepare for your Initial appointment by getting a start on the paperwork. Here is the privacy policy provided as well as the HIPAA and Intake forms we will need filled out.

Covid19 Response Protocol

  1. Clients must schedule an appointment at least 24 hours in advance.⁣ There will be no last-minute scheduling and definitely no walk-ins.

2. At College Hill I work out of two treatment rooms and alternate rooms so that each room is left empty with the filter running for at least 30 minutes before that room is used again. If more than one person besides me is there at a time I try to do the check-out process in the treatment room, and to send someone waiting in the entryway directly to a treatment room so that there is less contact between people. At Walnut Hills I work out of one treatment room and schedule 15 minutes between appointments.

3.You must wear a mask during your appointment.

4. If you have had symptoms of COVID-19 including cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, muscle pain of a non-musculoskeletal origin, fever, chills, sore throat, and new loss of taste or smell and temperature above 100°F we ask that you notify us and cancel your appointment. I ask that you reschedule at a later date when you are symptom-free.

5. I will wear a mask for every appointment.

6. In addition to handwashing, 80% alcohol medical grade hand sanitizer will be used before every treatment.⁣

⁣7.A high-grade air ⁣purifier with a HEPA filter clinically proven to remove 95% of all airborne viruses (including particles even smaller than the coronavirus) will be in use.

8. Keep in mind that I will be watching guidance from the governor, the Ohio Department of Health and the CDC as well as keeping an eye on trends of infection, hospitalization and deaths in our area and will adjust this protocol or close the office to in-person visits again as needed.

Thank you for your support during this difficult time. I appreciate your diligence in following this protocol as well as in mask-wearing and social distancing as you go about your own interactions to help us all stay safe and healthy.

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I have been having Acupuncture on and off for several years.  I had spinal surgery 2 yrs ago and still had numbness in both arms and hands.  When I saw you had acupuncture available on board, I signed up for 3 treatments.  After only one treatment I felt better, after 3 I felt like I was back to my old self.  Amanda was knowledgeable, caring and very calming to be around.  My only problem was worrying if I could find someone like her to continue treatments when I get home to Pennsylvania.  Thanks Amanda, you will be in my thoughts for a long time.