Acupuncture for Infertility

A fellow Acupuncturist once asked, “What do you think the 2 most common questions are that I get?” The answer was, “Does it work?” and “Does it hurt?”.  The most straightforward answer I can give you is that the only way you will know, is if you try it out for yourself.  Understandably, people still hesitate.  The next best that I can do is direct you to research and tell you about my observations.

The needles used are microfine; some people feel them and some don’t.  Some individuals feel an initial prick, and then the sensation recedes.  Of prime importance for your practitioner is your level of comfort so it is very important that you communicate what your are feeling with your Acupuncturist.  Different parts of your body are more or less sensitive, and if there is any discomfort, the practitioner can always place the needle in a different location.

This week I direct you to research on Acupuncture in treating infertility, for males and females.  Medicine’s ability to treat infertility continues to improve, to offer more options, giving couples renewed hope that they will have a child.  Some of those options, such as In vitro fertilization are very demanding, financially as well as physically and emotionally.  As a result, many couples going through this process want to do everything they can to make the first attempt successful.  Studies consistently demonstrate that Acupuncture in conjunction with IVF increases the rate of a successful pregnancy and birth. Experiences in our clinic further support this.

Male infertility article
Male infertility studies
Acupuncture and IVF article
Acupuncture and IVF Study

Published by Amanda Wellman LOM

Amanda is a practitioner of Oriental Medicine and the Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Therapy. She specializes in Women's Reproductive Health and Autoimmune Conditions. She pulls from her strong background in meditation and energy cultivation to educate on self-healing techniques.

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